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In a Rails2 Webapp, I am creating in javascript a form to forge a request to download a file. In the controller, I render the response using send_file so the file is downloaded.

There is a rather long process going on looking up the file to download and meanwhile I have the client waiting for the file to start being downloaded. For this reason, as soon as the client clicks the download button I display a small massage saying "Requesting file...".

Problem: How can I (on javascript side) know when the response is rendered (aka the file starts to download) so I can hide the message I am displaying? I use ajax everywhere and I throw the showMessage method in the "before" part of the call and the hideMessage in the "complete" part of the jquery ajax call. But since I cannot request a file to be downloaded with an ajax call I have to do it trough a form but then I don't know how to realize when I get the repsonse back (or the file starts to download)

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Post Some Code. – OptimusCrime Dec 22 '12 at 9:03

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The basic idea is to send a cookie along with the file. Some javascript code checks the cookie periodically. When javascript gets the cookie, you know the downloading begins.

You can find sample javascript code here (server code in Java) and here (server code in ASP.NET).

In Rails, the cookie could be sent like this:

cookies['download_token'] = params[:download_token]
send_data ...
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