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I'm using ruby 1.8.7 and watir-webdriver 0.6.1, and found that following script is very slow when click some link element under windows 2003/2008 server, but the same script is fast under win7 and windows2008 R2:

log "try table menuitem, sub_menu_area=#{@sub_menu_area.inspect}"
link=@sub_menu_area.link(:text => name, :class => "SGLeftPanelText")  
log link.inspect  
log "menu link clicked." 

and the log shows:

I, [2012-12-22T01:02:46.944250 #5672]  INFO -- : Info: sub_menu_area=#"td", :id=>"tables_cell"}>
I, [2012-12-22T01:02:46.944250 #5672] INFO -- : Info: try table menuitem, sub_menu_area=#"td", :id=>"tables_cell"}>
I, [2012-12-22T01:02:46.944250 #5672] INFO -- : Info: #"SGLeftPanelText", :tag_name=>"a", :text=>"Support Cases"}>
I, [2012-12-22T01:03:03.100500 #5672] INFO -- : Info: menu link clicked.

From the log, the click event takes 16 secs, but on another machine with win7, it only takes 2 secs, can anybody give me some suggestion?

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Did you try using the click method instead of fire_event?

Try replacing:

link.fire_event ("onclick")


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It is the same when use click method. –  wallee Dec 23 '12 at 3:54

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