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I send a request to eBay API to get my eBay buying. I also want to get some extra information about each item, let's say that's itemCondition and itemCategory (parent and child). GetMyeBayBuyingResponse doesn't contain these fields. So I have to call GetItemRequest for each returned item to get them.

But it's very bad, it would take much more traffic and time. Is there any more efficient way do it?

I also read somewhere at eBay that there was a kind of ability to pack many requests to one request and then send it to reduce traffic and effort. Is it true?

P.S. Note that I'm not asking about itemCondition and itemCategory fields only. There might be any other fields. The goal is make only one request containing many ones.

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There are calls with item data:

  • If you're the seller of the items, ebay proposes to use GetSellerList.
  • If you want all items you recently bid on / bought, you can use GetBidderList.

For sellers with many products, ebay offers LMS (Marge Merchant Services), but i thinks this is mostly applicable for sellers, I think there are no calls to retrieve bought items.

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