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i have a splunk app and now i want to add an oncontext change option with those app. i have 6 forms and each are having separate,pulldowns/dropdowns,
could somebody can help me in creating a javascript*(actually i am confused whether it can be done with javascript)* to update all the dropdowns, if the context of any of the drop down changes, actualy all the dropdowns are populating same input i.e source filename.
please help
Thank you

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You don't even need custom javascript to accomplish this in Splunk. You can do this in a Splunk Advanced XML View. I would recommend having look at the examples in this app :

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thanks Damien, but what i want is not there in the splunk dashboard examples, i need something to connect two dashboards, some javascript/web interface to update all other dropdowns when one of the dropdown changes(the issue here is the dropdowns are in different dashboards not in same form) – sruthy Dec 26 '12 at 5:07
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this explains it well. thanks for your assistance. append the javascript specified in t

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