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<div id="virtualPath">
<a href='/'>text</a> >> 
<a href='' title=''>More text</a> >> 
<a href=''>Some text</a> >> 
<span class="boldFont">some more text</span>

I have html as shown above. When I use selectors I get following html.

<div id="virtualPath"> 
<a href="/">text</a> &gt;&gt; 
<a href="" title="">more text</a> &gt;&gt; 
<span class="boldFont">some more text</span>

What configuration should I use to get correct html? I understand that html is not well formed, but since the generation html is not under my control, I need to handle this issue in my code.

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You can use the unescapeHtml-Method from Apache Commons Lang for escaping / unescaping your html.

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