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What I need to do is to combine file names and their sizes in a one container, the file names can repeat and of course the sizes too. And second thing is that I need to sort this container by the sizes co it would be like this after sorting:

1100 -> a.txt
1100 -> a.txt
1200 -> a.txt
1200 -> b.txt

So I can then iterate from smallest to biggest file using for loop. Something similar to arrays in php, but with both values allowed to repeat.

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Since you want the same as associative arrays with multiple values per key your practically asking for std::multimap.


typedef std::multimap<size_t, std::string> SFMap;
SFMap fileMap;


for(SFMap::iterator it = fileMap.begin(); it != fileMap.end(); it++){
    std::cout << it->first << " -> " << it->second << "\n";
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To those who want to edit the post because I'm using the same filename thrice, look precisely at the original question: "the file names can repeat and of course the sizes too". –  Zeta Dec 22 '12 at 11:23

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