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Trying to get the start and end point of each line within a text pane: The text pane contains (note target is the end of each line not including the blank space line):


//This is what I have

        Element root = jTextPane1.getDocument().getDefaultRootElement();

        Element one = root.getElement(0);
        while (one !=null){            
        int one1 = one.getStartOffset();
        int two1 = one.getEndOffset();
        one = root.getElement(two1);          

This is what I get (1st and 2nd element) and then hangs: 0 1 1 232

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You mix model and view. Document is just model but amount of rows depends on view (width of content).

Use javax.swing.text.Utilities.getRowStart()/getRowEnd()

See an example of the code usage http://java-sl.com/tip_row_column.html

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