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I am trying to setup a VPS (Ubuntu 12.04) on my dedicated server (Debian Squeeze) using XEN virtualization.

Currently I am able to setup Ubuntu 10.04 without any issues, but I would like to use Ubuntu 12.04. When attempting to use xen-tools to try and use a the precise dist (Ubuntu 12.04) it tells me the distro isn't available, look in /usr/lib/xen-tools/. A quick ls shows:

centos-4.d  debian.d          fedora-core-11.d  fedora-core-5.d  fedora-core-9.d  hardy.d     lenny.d     sarge.d    testing.d
centos-5.d  edgy.d            fedora-core-12.d  fedora-core-6.d  feisty.d         intrepid.d  lucid.d     sid.d      wheezy.d   etch.d            fedora-core-13.d  fedora-core-7.d  gentoo.d         jaunty.d    maverick.d  squeeze.d
dapper.d    fedora-core-10.d  fedora-core-4.d   fedora-core-8.d  gutsy.d          karmic.d    natty.d     stable.d

I have been looking around but simply cannot figure out how to add precise to this list so I can use that instead of lucid. Would anyone care to point out how to accomplish this?

Please point out if there is any necessary information missing in order to answer the question.


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To add new distributions you have to create a new directory in /usr/lib/xen-tools, as described by xen-tools FAQs.

Squeeze's xen-tools package doesn't have scripts for precise but you can borrow them from wheezy's package.


dpkg -x xen-tools_4.3.1-1_all.deb

to extract the files and then move precise.d to/usr/lib/xen-tools.

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precise.d is a symlink to karmic.d

cd /usr/lib/xen-tools
ln -s karmic.d precise.d
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