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I have a problem with a php script.

I want to delete a record from my database so I used the execute() method, and it should return false when there is no record with the code I pass as an argument, but it always return true despite of there is not any record with that code.

This is the script:



//Récuperation des valeurs 
$code = $_POST['code'];

    //Suppression de l'enregistrment avec le code = $code à m'aide d'une requête préparée
    $req = $bdd->prepare('Delete from chambre where code_ch = ?');
    $rowDeleted = $req->execute(array($code));
    //Ou bien : mysql_query('Delete from chambre where code_ch = '.$code);

    $supprimer = ($rowDeleted == true) ? 'OK' : 'notfound';

    $supprimer = 'empty';

header('Location: supprimer.php?supprimer='.$supprimer.'&code='.$code);

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Who told you it should return false if no rows were deleted? Also this worth checking: – zerkms Dec 22 '12 at 11:47
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A PHP PDO object will (correctly) return a success/true value for deletion on ZERO rows. One way around this is to use something like $pdo->rowCount() to see how many rows the PDO affected. If you are trying to remove rows, you should consider a result of 0 from $pdo->rowCount() to mean that you did not successfully delete the row you wanted to.

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You're probably confused. The documentation for execute says:

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

It doesn't say anything about whether a row was deleted or not. You probably want affected rows if you want the number of rows deleted. However even then it's possibly a bad idea to depend on that. e.g what if two calls to delete the same row happen at the same time?

You shouldn't care that delete has actually deleted a row, only that the row you were trying to delete is no longer there.

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