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I am using omniauth-facebook and trying to get the profile picture to show up using paperclip. Here is the code I use to get the picture to my User model

def picture_from_url(url)
    self.profile_pic =open(url)

However, it always saves as stringio.txt. So searching on this behavior I found out that paperclip allows for callbacks so I wrote the following method in the User model to rename the filename

def rename_profile_pic
    self.profile_pic.instance_write :filename, "#{self.username}.jpg"

and passed it to the callback

before_post_process :rename_profile_pic

But this doesn't seem to help.

Any ideas how i can fix this ?


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In case you haven't found the solution yet:

data =
data.class.class_eval { attr_accessor :original_filename, :content_type }

data.content_type = content_type
data.original_filename = file_name

object.attachment = data
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I got everything working nicely by combining this answer with this one. – David Tuite Oct 17 '13 at 15:28

Convert your stringio.txt to file using this:

file =
file.original_filename = "#{self.username}.jpg"

and then assign your file to profile_pic

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Thanks, but that didn't help since open() was already giving a StringIO object and there isn't a method named original_filename on StringIO. Though I found the issue and fixed it. It is :file_name instead of :filename self.profile_pic.instance_write :file_name, "#{self.username}.jpg" – Bindesh Vijayan Dec 22 '12 at 17:02

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