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I am new in Visual Studio 2012, I have a project and I need to load some images into a view via javascript, basically I have an array filled with some items description and a path to each image, but when the page loads the page is not able to load the images as it never finds them

The javascript code I am using to achieve this is:

      var item = {
        name: "",
        price: 0,
        index: 0,
        picURL: ""

    function Item(name, price, index, picURL) {
        this.name = name;
        this.price = price;
        this.index = index;
        this.picURL = picURL;

    function FillArray() {

        var items = new Array();

        items[0] = new Item("Gnome1", 32, 001, "Content/img/gnome7.PNG");
        items[1] = new Item("Gnome2", 15, 002, "Content/img/gnome14.PNG");
        items[2] = new Item("Gnome3", 26, 003, "Content/img/gnome10.PNG");

        return items;

    function addToCart() {
        var items = FillArray();
        var that = this;
        var ul = document.getElementById("list");
        for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {

            var li = document.createElement("li");
            li.id = 'li' + items[i].index;
            var currentItem = items[i];

            for (p in currentItem) {
                var div = document.createElement("div");
                if (p.valueOf() == "picURL") {
                    div.innerHTML = "<img class='miniPic' src='" + currentItem[p].valueOf() + "'/>";
                else if (p.valueOf() == "price") {
                    div.innerHTML = p.valueOf() + " : £" + currentItem[p].valueOf();
                else {
                    div.innerHTML = p.valueOf() + " : " + currentItem[p].valueOf();

But when I call the view this is the answer I get:

GET /Home/Content/img/gnome7.PNG 404 (Not Found)

I've tried to change the location of the files, the path, but nothing seems to work, and it is the same situation when I try to call a json file locally in my project, it also says that I couldn't be found, so I think it could be a sort of configuration of my visual studio but I cannot make it work, can somebody help me please? it is very annoying :(

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My guess is that you haven't included the images as part of the solution and therefore they aren't getting deployed with your solution.

To fix this, go to the Solution Explorer and Navigate to the Content -> Img folder. (Make sure the Show All Files button at the top of the Solution Explorer is selected).
Inside the img folder you should see the gnomeXX images. If they're grayed-out right click them and choose Include in Project.

Try building and running again.

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Thank you very much for you answer @Blachshma, yes, the files are included in the solution, and I already did the building and running once again but it still doesn't find the images –  cacharry Dec 22 '12 at 23:14
What is the URL you type in the browser? Because I see you're trying to go to /Home/Content/img/gnome7.PNG and not /Content/img/gnome7.PNG 404 - This might be the problem... –  Blachshma Dec 23 '12 at 8:57
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