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I have to optimize performance of a team project (in eclipse Juno).

To identify the bottle neck (timing) i'm searching for a tool or plugin.

There seems to be a good platform TPTP, but this is not supported anymore in Eclipse Juno. JVM is a good start but seems not sufficient for a deeper analysis.

Did you have some good pratices for an integrated Plugin in Eclipse Juno?

If not maybe some standalone tool is succiecent as well.

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There are several big solution in Java profiler world:

JProfiler and YourKit are powerful tools for analyzing big EE application. Personally I most prefer YourKit. It has easy intergation with Eclipse. But it all is paid solution and not always you need to buy this one.

If you has not very complex application try to use JVisualVM at first. It should be enough to wide range of performance problem analyzing. To monitoring GC behavior it has great VisualGC plugin. With VIsualGC plugin, making heap dumps and analyzing it with MAT you are able to perfectly tune GC if you need.

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I am a big fan of JProfiler and it has a Eclipse plugin too.

In this SO post you can find how it works.

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i would prefer a free or open source tool, but i would take a look. –  Lambach Dec 22 '12 at 12:50

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