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Weird but it is becoming problem for me! I have added an html checkmark with this code ✔ to my linkbutton text but when I am trying to check this

if(headerLinkButton.Text == "✔")

it returns me false! and when I check its text putting breakpoint, it shows the same checkmark that it shows on browser! enter image description here

Strange How can I simulate a checkmark in my code?

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Try this instead :

    case "✔":
       // do your stuff

Or Alternately

if(headerLinkButton.Text == HttpUtility.HtmlDecode("✔"))

Hope this will help !!

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Great! Man, Thanks! Although your first solution is not working, but the second one(if(headerLinkButton.Text == HttpUtility.HtmlDecode("✔"))) did the job :) – Pawan Nogariya Dec 22 '12 at 12:51

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