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I am new to OSX App development and finds things a little different from that of iOS. I am trying to create a sample Menubar App. I can display a menu using the command

[statusItem setMenu: startMenu];

But i dont know how can i display a TabView instead of menu. Can some body help me with this.

where statusMenu is an outlet of NSMenu and statusitem is an object of NSStatusItem

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Is a "menubar app" a status item? –  noa Dec 27 '12 at 1:22

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You cant. You have to display it in a window, which you can open on the click of the status item. You can make the window borderless.


You can either use this one here, which is a NSTableView in a window, which can fake the layout of a NSMenu:


Though I would not recommend that, because if Mac OS X has some layout changes, this will stay the same.


Or you can use a normal window, which you customise, like here:


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You can set the custom view of a NSMenuItem, so you could just try adding your tableview to the NSMenuItem of choice.

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