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Multiple “order by” in LINQ

I want to order some dataset by some field AND THEN some other field.

Using lambda expressions this would be easy (OrderBy.ThenBy), but how to do it when I have a syntax like this:

 int maxQueries = int.MaxValue;
        // finds the most search for queries
        var ordered = from p in searchLogs
        where !string.IsNullOrEmpty(p.SearchQuery)
        group p by new 
           SearchQuery = p.SearchQuery
        into pgroup
        let count = pgroup.Count()
        orderby count descending
        select new 
            Count = count, 
            SearchQuery = pgroup.Key.SearchQuery

I can't seem to find a way which works after the decending keyword (like orderby count descending then searchquery)..

Any ideas?

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Put a comma after descending and specify the next thing to sort by (optionally adding descending) and so on

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Just to add some code to mlorbetske answer, if you have Customer class like this:

public class Customer
    public string Name;
    public DateTime MemberSince;

You could then perform an ordering like this:

var q = from c in Customers
        orderby c.MemberSince.Date descending, c.Name
        select c;
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