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I have a design which loads nicely in IE6, but as soon as I reload it 1-2 times, it all of a sudden collapses. When I upload an updated version, it recovers from it, and breaks after a few reloads.

On a sidenote: I can't test the site on a "real" IE6, I'm using the IEtester found here: IE Tester Maybe it's a problem with this program?

I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to post some live-code, but it is basically the Holy Grail layout found here: Holy Grail Layout I suspect that IE6 just can't handle the DIV-jungle and gives up sometimes.

Has anyone experienced this before?

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What is your job title? –  EBGreen Sep 9 '09 at 15:26
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I reloaded the Holy Grail Layout linked multiple times in IE6 and nothing happened. You can download a temporary licensed free copy of Windows XP for Virtual PC image which bundles in IE6 for real testing.

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This is a good idea; it also comes with the developer toolbar which makes your ie6 debugging a little easier. –  willoller Sep 9 '09 at 15:34
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The problem was the

"margin-left: -50%;


.holygrail .colleft

I changed it to a fix px-value (width of the page).

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