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I have a string, thisLine, which contains 11 numbers separated by spaces. I want to obtain just the first number. I tried the command:


It returns the entire string, not the first number. How do I return just the first number?

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I am sure there are plenty of possibilities, here are a few I would consider:

thisLine <- paste(runif(11), collapse = " ")
# [1] "0.841216114815325 0.861485596280545 0.973681036382914 0.683699210174382 0.95226536039263 0.368689567316324 0.173984130611643 0.497511914698407 0.870743532432243 0.45606177020818 0.222731305286288"

sub("\\s+.*", "", thisLine)              # assumes no leading space
sub("\\s*(\\S+?)\\s.*", "\\1", thisLine) # handles leading spaces
strsplit(thisLine, " ")[[1]][1]          # more flexible if you want 2nd, 3rd, ...

All give

# [1] "0.841216114815325"
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Thanks! I ended up using strsplit. –  user984165 Dec 22 '12 at 14:34

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