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I tried a new theme for my blogger (http://alstat.blogspot.com/). Everything was fine, except for the post title. When I'm in the home page of my blog I got this large text post title, but when I click on one of my post, the post title font changes and the size of it becomes small. The theme is actually available here (http://btemplates.com/2010/blogger-template-heliumified/). I played around the css code, and tried to edit the following. I tried changing the .post h3 a,.post h3 a:visited,.post h3 strong to .post h2 a,.post h2 a:visited,.post h2 strong, and this .post h3 a,.post h3 a:visited,.post h3 strong. Nothing happened, And the other lines of codes I also tried to modify it to see if there is changes. The part of the codes for post section of the HTML file were I played around is shown below. I really appreciate if anyone of you can help me on this. BTW, I'm beginner on HTML. Thanks!

.post {
margin:0 0 25px;

.post h3 a,.post h3 a:visited,.post h3 strong {
font-family:Cuprum, arial, serif;

.post h3 strong,.post h3 a:hover {
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In your Home Page your post tilte is in "a" tag which has font-size:30 while in your detail page title is not in "a" tag.

Furthermore your css classes of title (i.e. post-title and entry-title) is not defined or you didnt link those files properly.


  • Try to link the file. If it exist.
  • or give a new css class which have the property font-size:30
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Seems there are two classes being applied to your title: "post-title" and "entry-title"

Try inspecting and changing those and see what comes up :)

I also recommend if you are beginner using Google Chrome's Inspect Element for finding errors and for seeing what styles are being applied to what sections

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Ok I'll check that, and I will try it on Chrome. I'm using firefox actually which I happen to Inspect Elements on the post title too. – Al-Ahmadgaid Asaad Dec 22 '12 at 14:49
Yeah or Firefox, I just prefer chrome haha :) – JamesB123 Dec 22 '12 at 14:52

go to->Template-> edit html-> tick on Expand Widget templates-> Ctrl+F search for .post h3{ or .post h3 { ,..... This is only one time in the overall blog code. And edit the font size at that line.

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