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I'm using Netbeans gui to create a simple app.

This is my structure (the layout is free design ):

enter image description here

Basically I have 3 tabs and want to hide one of them (the select one in the image) based on a condition. Something like if the user as some privileges show that tab, otherwise don't show that tab.

On my code I've tried;

 if (userRole == 1){

but this tab is always showing.

With my implementation, can I hide the tab?

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Here is an clean example

  1. How to Use Tabbed Panes
  2. Inserting, Removing, Finding, and Selecting Tabs
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Many Many thanks. I can't believe it was so simple... – Favolas Dec 22 '12 at 15:03

Short answer:

if (userRole == 1){
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