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I'm writing a loop in an 8086 game using emu8086 and I want to iterate over word values but not bytes of an array declared like this;

player_fire  dw 320 dup(0)

; ...

mov  bx, offset player_fire
mov  cx, 320
mov  ax, [bx+si]
inc  si
loop fire_loop

but I know that this is wrong. I also have problems writing to the ith element whether I should reference it with bx + si or bx + (2*si) ?

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The ith element is located at [base + 2*register].

That can't however be written directly before 80386 addressing modes. On 8086+ you can do it with:

  mov ax,[bx+si]
  add si, 2
  loop fire_loop
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What about LODSW? –  Aleksey Ivchenko Dec 22 '12 at 23:21
Absolutely. That's even better. –  Aki Suihkonen Dec 23 '12 at 9:57
  mov ax,[bx+si];;mov to the next sell and put in ax
  add si, 2; inc si
  loop fire_loop;dex cx and loop
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