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I have tweaked this example for my map:


But i want the opacity of the border to be 0 (so nobody sees it). I guess i have to do something in this peace of code with strokeOpacity: 0.0, but I can't get it to work

  // Apply the style to the layer & generate corresponding legend
  function applyStyle(map, layer, column) {
    var columnStyle = COLUMN_STYLES[column];
    var styles = [];

    for (var i in columnStyle) {
      var style = columnStyle[i];
        where: generateWhere(column, style.min, style.max),
        polygonOptions: {
          fillColor: style.color,
          fillOpacity: style.opacity ? style.opacity : 0.8
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Did you look at PolygonOptions

This seems to be the best you can do:

 strokeOpacity: 0.0001,
 strokeWeight: 0,
 strokeColor: style.color,


UPDATE: Looks like strokeOpacity: 0.0 doesn't work; try something really small, like 0.0001.

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yes I tried alle three but it didn't work. In your example it nearly works. If i copy your example I notice that it only works completly if you put the fillOpacity at 1. –  user1923837 Dec 22 '12 at 20:01
Looks like 0.0 doesn't work, try 0.0001. –  geocodezip Dec 23 '12 at 1:10
indeed, a very small number works! –  user1923837 Dec 23 '12 at 10:32

You have to set it to 1% ie:

strokeOpacity: 0.01

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