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Imagine I have a navigation bar in my page header, with a number of links. I'd like the links to spread out horizontally to fill the parent ; is there a way to do this using CSS which doesn't rely on me hard-coding based on the number of links? e.g if I add or remove a link I'd like it to still work.

I tried:

<div class="navBar">
    <a class="navBtn" href="#" >Home</a>
    <a class="navBtn" href="#" >Services</a>
    <a class="navBtn" href="#" >About us</a>
    <a class="navBtn" href="#" >Blog</a>
    <a class="navBtn" href="#" >Contact</a>


But this just left-aligns the text. I know I could use a table but just to show I can, I'm trying to do it 'properly'. Or, is this a case where a table is 'proper'?

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Text-align: justified;

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I hadn't seen this before, so I googled around a bit. There's a lot of commentary saying <code>Text-align: justified;</code> is unreliable. Have you found a way to make it work reliably, or a context in which it works well enough? –  PanCrit Sep 9 '09 at 16:10
Try it - most newer versions of browsers are good at supporting this. The other option I listed works with older browsers. –  psychotik Sep 9 '09 at 20:05

Another option is to create a table with width: 100% around your nav bar and have each nav item be in a td you could even set the width, in percentage, of each td

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