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Suppose I am using a context menu to add child nodes to a treeview control.

(1) I am right-clicking on the node

(2)context menu pop up

(3)then I click "Add" menu item

(4)a dialogBox opens up

(5) I input the name in that DialogBox and press OK

(6) A new Node is created.

How can I get the reference of the current Node when I am clicking on the context menu item?

I need this coz the parent object is stored in the Tag property of the current node.

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If you handle TreeNodeMouseClick, then your TreeNodeMouseClickEventHandler will be passed a TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs argument.

TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs.Node will be the TreeNode reference you want. See the TreeNodeMouseClick docs for an example similar to:

void treeView1_NodeMouseClick(object sender,  
    TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs e)
    TreeNode theTreeNodeIWant = e.Node


If you need to, you can store a reference in a member variable so another method can access it.

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You can get the mouse position from


Save this before showing the context menu.

Then use the method on the Treeview containing your items


and add a child below that.

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