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I need to take time as user input in the form HH:MM and then validate it. It needs to be a proper time in that certain format. Any good Ideas on how to do that?

I'm trying to make a function that will iterate through the string, validating each character, then convert them into numbers (or some kind of time stamp) so I can compare several strings to eachother.

I'm only using the std namespace.

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It may be overkill for this particular problem, but this kind of task is a great fit for a state machine. Basically, you'll want to read the input one character at a time, and each character can change the machine's state until you end up in a success or error state. For example:

  1. First character
    • If not a number, change to error state
    • Otherwise store value and change to state 2
  2. Second character
    • If not a number, change to error state
    • Otherwise multiply stored value by 10 and add second character. If the result is out of range, change to error state. Otherwise, change to state 3
  3. Third character
    • If :, change to state 4, otherwise change to error state
  4. Fourth character
    • Similar to First character, changing to state 5 upon success.
  5. Fifth character
    • Similar to Second character, changing to state 6 upon success.
  6. Success state
    • A winner is yuo!
  7. Error state
    • Handle the error, duh.
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Use boost::regex to match string and its parts (HH) and (MM) and use scanf to get hours and minutes.

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It sounds more like an algorithm problem, I would:

1, check the length of the string if it's 5.
2, check if ':' is in the middle.
3, check HH is in the range.
4, check MM is in the range.
5, Convert it to the format which will bring convenience to you.

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