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I have a periodic task that updates my live tile. Basically it looks like this:

    var tileData = new FlipTileData()
        BackgroundImage = mediumFrontUrl,
        BackBackgroundImage = mediumBackUrl,
        WideBackgroundImage = wideFrontUrl,
        WideBackBackgroundImage = wideBackUrl

    ShellTile primaryTile = ShellTile.ActiveTiles.First();
    if (primaryTile != null)

There are certain occasions where I would like to not display the BackBackgroundImage and WideBackBackgroundImage. How do I clear the values? Simply setting things to null doesn't work (it just keeps what was there previously). According to the docs if I use XAML to create the live tile I can set Action="Clear". How do I set that in code?

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You can clear the property for each Tile property.

For BackBackgroundImaga it's Empty URI: BackBackgroundImage = new Uri("", UriKind.Relative)

More info on msdn page Tiles Overview for Windows Phone:

Hope this help Best regards

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Yup, worked like a champ. – Zik Dec 24 '12 at 17:09

And Zik

Just one trick. Playing with WideBackContent and putting my own image (I have a lot of more possibilities with this apporach) I have problem with resetting WideBackContent. The thing that help me is not WideBackContent ="", then WideBackContent = " " So, one empty space solved my problem. Best regards

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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. In my current project I only use images on the tiles but you never know about future projects. – Zik Dec 24 '12 at 17:09

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