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I have 3 tables:

    id   |   bus_name
    1    |   2D
    2    |   1D

id   |   route_name
1    |   Garden
2    |   Malir


I want a bus which passes from both 'Garden' And 'Malir' i.e 2D. I have tried and i succeeded in mapping route of one like if buses passes from garden only but there is a condition that there is two combo box one is from where bus start and second where end .. i want entire route from where bus passes like garden and malir as 1D i mention in above sample is only passing from Malir not from garden so only 2D will shown as a result if Start is from garden and end is on malir .. My Query is Below:

select b.bus_name 
from buses b, route r, bus_route br 
where (b.id = br.bus_id AND r.id = br.route_id) 
  AND (r.id=1 AND r.id=2)

It Giving Empty Result Set

Want a Fix On That.

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SELECT bus_name
FROM buses
WHERE id in
(SELECT b.bid
FROM bus_route b
JOIN bus_route _b  
ON b.bid = _b.bid  
WHERE b.rid = 1 AND _b.rid = 2)
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Thanks alot It Works :) I can't vote Due To Low Reputation :( –  Ali Raza Dec 22 '12 at 20:18
@dDRE : thanks for formatting it.... new to stack overflow... dont know much about formatting –  srid99 Dec 22 '12 at 21:08

You should be able to use the following query:

select *
from buses b
left join bus_route br
  on b.id = br.bus_id
where br.route_id = 1
  and exists (select *
              from buses b1
              left join bus_route br2
                on b1.id = br2.bus_id
              where br2.route_id=2
               and b.id = b1.id)

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

Returns the result:

|  1 |       2D |      1 |        1 |
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