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I would like to use field expansion in my graph api queries and when fetching posts comments etc...

but I would like to get picture from the "from"-field, but I would also like to get the category field so I can know if it's page or user.

If I don't use field expansion I get the category, but not image. but using field expansion I get picture but not category.


/me/home?fields=from returns {id: 1, name :"x", category : "y" }

but using it like this: /me/home/?fields=from.fields(id, name, category, picture) returns null, if i remove category it works ok.

So is there a way I can get the category + picture for that field, or is there another way to know if it is page or user?

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File a bug at Facebook. –  phwd Dec 22 '12 at 20:03

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