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My app gives users the ability to clear a their clipboard after a certain time in seconds after copying some secure text. The problem is, if the app suspends, the clipboard never clears. I've looked at using a background task but I can't find a trigger that suits my needs.

Any advice?

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Instead of adding the data and then later trying to revoke it, do it in reverse: Place the data on the clipboard as a pull operation. When somebody ass for data, check the time and return an empty string if too much time has elapsed. – Raymond Chen Dec 22 '12 at 21:28

A background task is your best bet, but you have limited options. Ideally you would use a 15 minute timer, but you must be added to the lock screen and I suspect not many users would do that. The 2 hour timer might be your next best option.

A maintenance trigger would be a good option (as that is every 15 minutes and doesn't need to be on the lock screen), but it does require the device to not be on battery power.

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