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I want to visualize long titles shortened using the ellipsis style. That works fine and as expected.

For some cases I require the text to get a trailing icon (to invoke an action). Usually I do this using the :after css pseudo selector.

However I fail to get both details to work together. Whatever I try, the icon is not really placed after the text, as desired, but in the next line. So a linebreak is used by the browser, though I try to prevent this (as part of the ellipsis style). Simply specifying a top value is no solution, since that breaks when the text is too short to be shortened.

This is a much simplyfied example to demonstrate the behavioour:

HTML markup:

<div id="wrapper">
    <span id="text">some longish and wide text which should get a trailing icon when hovered</span>

CSS definition:

#wrapper { 
    background-color: lightgray;
    margin: 10em;
    padding: 1em;
#text {
    font-size: 200%;
    padding: 0.2em;
    display: inline-block;
    overflow-x: hidden;
    white-space: nowrap;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;
    width: 98%;
    background-color: gold;
#text:hover {
    background-color: goldenrod;
#text:hover:after {
    content: url("");
    float: right;

I prepared a simple demo as a fiddler.

How can I prevent the icon to be placed below the text?

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Seems like ellipsis will make the text fit in the available space, disregarding elements placed after it. IMHO that's a sensible design, since you don't know how many more elements might be, and whether or not the line break would happen anyway.

A solution might be placing the icon outside the text span, in the wrapper. You would also need to open up space for it by shortening the text's width on hover:

#wrapper:hover #text {
    background-color: goldenrod;
    width: 74%;
#wrapper:hover:after {
    content: url("");
    float: right;

​ Here's a working demo. If you must have the icon to [appear to] be with the text (in golden), I believe you'd have to create another nested wrapper (like this).

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Thought about that before, probably it will work. My problem with that solution is that it makes my logic much more complicated. The original structure is much more complex. If there is no other solution I will ahve to give that a try, however I still do not really understand the current behaviour: the shortening is not done by the text-overflow: ellipsis rule, but by the overflow-x: hidden. And that should take into accout the current length of the content of whatever it is applied to. Including paddings, margins, borders and also the content of the pseudo selectors. – arkascha Dec 22 '12 at 21:53
@arkascha "the shortening is not done by the text-overflow: ellipsis rule, but by the overflow-x: hidden" that is correct, and in fact is why placing the icon in the right of the text (in the same element) won't work. Try modifying your original example and using position: absolute for the icon: the line won't break, but the icon will be placed at the end of the text, far to the right, not at the end of the ellipsis. Even if you could somehow align the icon to the right of the wrapper, the ellipsed text would end up overlapping it. I'm afraid there's no easy solution for this problem... – mgibsonbr Dec 22 '12 at 22:35
I ended up with using the position rules as you suggested and reducing the width setting. That looks pretty fine, the only glitch is that when not hovering the room is still 'reserved' for the icon shown when hovering. So the text is shortened more that actually required. But then again this adds calmness when moving the mouse since it is only the icon getting visible, the shortened text is not altered at all. That is fine for me. Thanks! – arkascha Dec 22 '12 at 23:00

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