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I have a xml file like:

   <email  Host="" From="mail@mail.com" Pass="xxx" Name="xxx"/>
   <gir    g1="Traditional" g2="mid Techn" g3="High Tech"/>
     <Pre-Incube    inscr="7000.00"  add="300.00"/>
     <Normal        inscr="1600.00"  inc="7000.00" add="500.00"/>
     <Urgent        inscr="1600.00"  inc="5000.00" add="500.00"/>
     <Estance       inscr="1600.00"  men="2500.00"/> 
     <Post          inscr="1600.00"  men="1500.00"/> 

To get the attributes for the element "gir" I do

Dim doc As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument()
Dim root As XmlNode = doc.DocumentElement         
Dim nodeGir As XmlNode = root.SelectSingleNode("/config/gir")

But how do I get the names of the child elements under "costs":

Pre-Incube, Normal, Urgent, Estance, Post  
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Adapted from this MSDN page:

Dim costs As XmlNode = root.SelectSingleNode("/config/costs")

Dim i As Integer 
For i = 0 To costs.ChildNodes.Count - 1
Next i

Or probably easier (from this MSDN page):

Dim costs As XmlNodeList = root.SelectNodes("/config/costs/*")
For Each book In costs      

Name is a property on XmlNode - the docs are your friend.

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I have tried both Dim node As XmlNode = root.SelectSingleNode("/config/costs") For Each instance As XmlNode In node.ChildNodes cboGir.Items.Add(instance.InnerText) Next And ` Dim costs As XmlNodeList = root.SelectNodes("/config/costs") For Each book In costs Console.WriteLine(book.InnerText) Next ` but the combobox I am trying to populate is empty after doing this –  cMinor Dec 22 '12 at 22:46
Sorry, I've updated my answer to match your specific case. –  RichardTowers Dec 22 '12 at 22:51
Ampreciate your help, but I am looking for the elements of "costs" not the atts of that element, I have tried your code but I still get nothing in a combo box –  cMinor Dec 22 '12 at 23:22
I see, sorry, the names of the elements. That's unusual, usually it's the content you're interested in. Updated again. –  RichardTowers Dec 23 '12 at 1:23

To get the names of all the elements that are children of costs, you can do this:

For Each node As XmlNode In doc.SelectNodes("/config/costs/*")
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