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function DatabaseConnect(req, res) {...}
function CreateNewUser(req, res) {...}

function Go (app, req, res) {

    // If is POST on this URL run this function
    var firstFunction = app.post('/admin/svc/DB', function(res, req) { 
        DatabaseConnect(req, res) 

    // If is POST on this URL run this function
    var secondFunction = app.post('/admin/svc/CREATE', function(res, req) { 
        CreateNewUser(req, res) 

    // Run first all callbacks and after render page
    function Render(firstMe, afterMe) {

    Render(firstFunction, secondFunction);



How can I run more functions asyn. and Render() after all?

APP.POST is called if ist POST on that URI.

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Use the async module to help structure your async flow. Specifically, look at async.series. –  JohnnyHK Dec 23 '12 at 0:08
firstThis = async.parallel([ firstAsync(), secondAsync() ], callback); async.series([ firstThis(), lastFunction() ]); Yes. I tried. I made it like this, but problem is that my Parallel function is called only sometimes and is undefined. –  ondrek Dec 23 '12 at 0:19

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There are various different approaches here, depending on your needs. If you just care about a set number of async functions completing, one common pattern is to basically maintain a count and fire the afterAll() method when you're done:

var count = 0,
    target = 2; // the number of async functions you're running

function afterAll() {
    if (++count === target) {
        // do something

doAsync1(function() {
    // some stuff

doAsync2(function() {
    // some stuff

Underscore offers a couple of useful utilities here, including _.after:

var asyncMethods = [doAsync1, doAsync2, doAsync3],
    // set up the callback to only run on invocation #3
    complete = _.after(asyncMethods.length, function() {
        // do stuff
// run all the methods
asyncMethods.forEach(function(method) {
    // this assumes each method takes a callback
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But what if doAsync1/2/3() are sometimes undefined, because it is run only if is browsed that URL? –  ondrek Dec 23 '12 at 0:16

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