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I have these models:

Company CompanyUser User

A CompanyUser has an attribute admin which allows him to delete other users, etc... for that company.

In cancan I now have this but something is wrong:

  can [:edit, :update, :read, :destroy, :promote, :demote], CompanyUser, :company_users => { :user_id => user.id, :admin => true }

I want to only allow a user to edit, update, ... CompanyUser when he is the admin for that company. How do I need to define that?

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This code should be similar to the solution you are looking for:

def initialize(user)                                                          
user ||= User.new
can [:manage, :promote, :demote], CompanyUser do |cu|
  user.company_user.admin == true &&            # user is admin and
  user.comany_user.company_id == cu.company_id  # user is in the same company

If it does not match your exact case, please post the model of Company, User and CompanyUser.

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Thanks! This worked after small modification to match my models. –  rept Dec 31 '12 at 0:06

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