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I need some general advice on how to continue my programming studies. I'm a self taught programmer and I picked up programming somewhere in the fall of 2011. I began with C++ and Java books and I learned everything up to OOP (except memory handling in c++). I later decided that I wanted to work with web-development so I learned the PHP syntax and started my first project in the summer that resulted in

The main reason why I started the project was that I would be forced to solve different kind of problems that I knew I would face along the way. I learned about relational databases and designed my own tables in MySQL (third normalization form), learned SQL logic and functions, became more fluent in programming by extensively utilizing basic programming tools (variables, loops, arrays, functions, classes), PHP native functions, MVC, Javascript (jQuery library) and the basics of CSS/HTML. I've used twitter-bootstrap as a base for design since I wanted to speed up the design and focus on programming.

Now I feel like I'm just iterating through things that I've learned before. I feel like I need to come in contact with more experienced programmers in a professional developing environment that I can learn more from so I'm preparing myself for applying for a backend programmer trainee job (unpaid) and use my project as a resumé (I dont have a computer science degree).

I need some general advice from working professionals on how I not only should prepare myself considering what I want to work with, but also how I should continue my programming/developer path generally. I've asked a friend that works with java and he said that I should find a good design patterns books. You guys have any good suggestions? Any other language that would be good to combine with PHP/MySQL? I know Java/C++ syntax. I'll take any advice you might have. You can go to my site, create an account and test the functionality and it might give you a hint of what I'm capable of.

Not sure where to put this topic so feel free to move it to the proper tag.

Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to SO! Unfortunately this isn't the type of question we deal with here. SO is for help solving specific programming-related questions. You're looking for career / education advancement advice, which isn't on-topic anywhere in the Stack Exchange network of sites. – Charles Dec 22 '12 at 23:12
Flag for programmers – Cole Johnson Dec 22 '12 at 23:13
No, this is not suitable for Programmers. Read their FAQ. -- the very first section calls out questions exactly like this one as not being on-topic. – Charles Dec 22 '12 at 23:14
There is a golden question here: Why the education is being in stackoverflow? – sємsєм Dec 22 '12 at 23:23
I think that closing this question is a mistake. – sємsєм Dec 22 '12 at 23:27

Computer science student here @ Aalborg university, Denmark

Any reason you can't get a CS degree? Knowing programming languages is less than half the battle the way i see it. At my university we have 3 courses every semester and a project, and during the education we only learn two languages C and C#, the rest is from the very low level to stuff like software development techniques and relevant math courses.

But for continued learning i can suggest getting into some computer architechture, know how things are done lower level can make you a much better programmer. Also studying algorithms and data structures in general.

You can also find really good free lectures on Coursora on many various CS and non-CS topics!

Hope i could help a little and hope you the best :)

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