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I'm trying to run a simple query that works with MySQL or other MySQL connector API's,

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE type = 'farmer'

I've tried various methods using the RMySQL package and they all get the same error RS-DBI driver warning: (unrecognized MySQL field type 7 in column 1 imported as character)

Type = 'farmer'
(Query<-paste0("SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE type = '%",Type,"%'")) 
res<-dbGetQuery(con, Query)

Query<-paste("SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE type = \'farmer\'")

Query<-paste("SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE type = 'farmer'")

What am I doing wrong?

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Looks like the db schema has something in column which is of type 7 -- and that type appears to be unknown to the RMySQL driver.

I try to exclude column one in the query, or cast it at the select * ... level eg via something like

 select foo as character, bar, bim, bom from 'table' where ...
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"type" is a keyword in MYSQL. Surround the it with backticks to escape field names.

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `type` = 'farmer'

Also you probably have a time stamp column in your table. R is known to not recognize that column type. Convert it to a unix time stamp in the portion of the SQL statement.

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plus one for the bit about the timestamp. – Matt O'Brien Aug 12 '15 at 23:03

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