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Is there any way to directly replace all groups in regex-syntax.

The normal way:

re.match(r"(?:aaa)(_bbb)", string1).group(1)

Yet I want to achieve something like this:

re.match(r"(\d.*?)\s(\d.*?)", "(CALL_GROUP_1) (CALL_GROUP_2)")

So I just want to build the new string instantaneous if possible by calling the groups the Regex just caught.

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Have a look at re.sub:

result = re.sub(r"(\d.*?)\s(\d.*?)", r"\1 \2", string1)

This is Python's regex replace function. The replacement string can be filled with so-called backreferences (backslash, group number) which are replaced with what was matched by the groups. Groups are counted the same as by the group(...) function, i.e. starting from 1, from left to write, by opening parentheses.

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My hero is back. Thank you m.buettner ^^ –  Allendar Dec 22 '12 at 23:49
Please accept the answer. –  Himanshu Dec 23 '12 at 1:37

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