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I need to extract just the numbers from file names such as:




How can I extract just the numbers from these files using Python? I'll need to incorporate this into a for loop.

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I suggest the re module. –  squiguy Dec 23 '12 at 3:44

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you can use regular expressions:

regex = re.compile(r'\d+')

Then to get the strings that match:


This will return a list of strings which contain the numbers. If you actually want integers, you could use int:

[int(x) for x in regex.findall(filename)]

If there's only 1 number in each filename, you could use regex.search(filename).group(0) (if you're certain that it will produce a match). If no match is found, the above line will produce a AttributeError saying that NoneType has not attribute group.

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This does exactly what I need--many thanks. –  Borealis Dec 23 '12 at 4:48
@Aaron -- No problem. I'm happy to help. –  mgilson Dec 23 '12 at 5:16

So, you haven't left any description of where these files are and how you're getting them, but I assume you'd get the filenames using the os module.

As for getting the numbers out of the names, you'd be best off using regular expressions with re, something like this:

import re
def get_numbers_from_filename(filename):
    return re.search(r'\d+', filename).group(0)

Then, to include that in a for loop, you'd run that function on each filename:

for filename in os.listdir(myfiledirectory):
   print get_numbers_from_filename(filename)

or something along those lines.

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If there is just one number:

filter(lambda x: x.isdigit(), filename)
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