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I have no idea what's going on here and was hoping someone could help, I'm sure it's something easy going on that I'm just missing.

I have a function in javascript that has a JQuery post inside of it. I would like to return the results of the post which is just text and put it in a variable. The number is coming back correctly from the Post but when I put it in the variable, the variable says "undefined". Any ideas?

var total = GetTotalSize();

function GetTotalSize(){
    var i = "";
    $.post("Handlers/GetTotal.ashx", {id : $("#hID").val()}, function(data){
        i = data.toString();
        return i;
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You can't do it like that. Remember, the "A" in AJAX means "Asynchronous". The callback function you provide to $.post() will execute well after GetTotalSize() executes and returns.

You'll need to restructure your code to accommodate this. I can't be specific in my recommendation because I don't know what the rest of your code looks like, but here's a possibility.

$.post("Handlers/GetTotal.ashx", {id : $("#hID").val()}, function(data)
  doSomethingWithTotalSize( data.toString() );

function doSomethingWithTotalSize( totalSize )
  // whatever
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Peter is absolutely right, but you can force the $.ajax method to work synchronously by passing async: false.

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The problem is that you are returning i outside of the callback function. Basically when you return i, its contents don't exist yet, and won't exist until the server returns the data to your callback function.

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Thanks for such a quick response! I tried your suggestion and updated my example code but I am still having the same problem, any other ideas? – Jon Sep 9 '09 at 17:10

Try this

function GetTotalSize(callback) {    
  $.post("Handlers/GetTotal.ashx", {id : $("#hID").val()}, function(outputData) {

function DoSomething(data)

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I realize this is an older post, but a solution for me was to use complete:[delegate] rather than success. This ensures that the callback is complete.

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