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So the following script works fine if the calendar has no events in the selected range. Once this is ran once and all events post correctly. Say if there was a change in the schedule and the same range is ran through the script it throws the following error. I'm just a little puzzled at why that error and not a Calendar Error. If you clear out the calendar manually, and re-run the script it will post correctly.

TypeError: Cannot read property "4" from undefined. (line 30)


function addCrewsToCalendar() {
var humCalendar = CalendarApp.getCalendarById(ScriptProperties.getProperty('humCalendar'));
var glsCalendar = CalendarApp.getCalendarById(ScriptProperties.getProperty('glsCalendar'));

var range = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveRange().getValues();

for (var i in range){
//Date Params
var startTime = range[i][1];
var endTime = range[i][2];
var recurrence = CalendarApp.newRecurrence().addDailyRule().times(7);

//Houma Air Crew
var humSO = range[i][3];
var humRS1 = range[i][5];
var humRSw = range[i][7];

//Set Houma Calendar

//Post Houma Schedule
humCalendar.createAllDayEventSeries('HUM RS1: '+humRS1, startTime, recurrence);
humCalendar.createAllDayEventSeries('HUM SO: '+humSO, startTime, recurrence);
humCalendar.createAllDayEventSeries('HUM RSw: '+humRSw, startTime, recurrence);

//Galveston Air Crew    
var glsSO = range[i][4];
var glsRS1 = range[i][6];
var glsRSw = range[i][8];

//Set Galveston Calendar
//Remove any events so there are no duplicates
var glsEvents = glsCalendar.getEvents(startTime, endTime);
for (var i in glsEvents){
//Post GLS Schedule
glsCalendar.createAllDayEventSeries('GLS RS1: '+glsRS1, startTime, recurrence);
glsCalendar.createAllDayEventSeries('GLS SO: '+glsSO, startTime, recurrence);
glsCalendar.createAllDayEventSeries('GLS RSw: '+glsRSw, startTime, recurrence);    



I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

Thanks Ahead of time.

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What's line 30? Error hints at var glsSO = range[i][4];, but your code snippet points to a comment. – Jure C. Dec 23 '12 at 4:27

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This line:

var glsSO = range[i][4];

is accessing property 4 of variable. It seems that the variable range[i] isn't defined for some reason.

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Right but it is defined when you first run it. The scheduler goes and selects the rows he wants to post. But if it is posting a range that the calendar already has an event for it stops right there every time. Then if I clear all the events in that date range it will run with out errors, and it's not specific to a certain date, if you were to select different rows you would get the same result if they had already been written to the calendar. – LennyZ71 Dec 23 '12 at 5:22
Tried answering my own question but, not enough rep. I was using [i] inside another for statement, changed the in the for loops to [j]. Problem solved. Thanks Guys. – LennyZ71 Dec 23 '12 at 5:51

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