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As the title clearly states I want to implement dust.js in my application.

I created a function called tmplReplaceContent that accepts 3 parameters template, json, target

I've worked it out in mustache.js too, which I think I got bugs on, took me about 10 hours, but still no luck in debugging what is wrong. So I decided to shift to dust , but also because of its good feats.

Now, for the question again, I want to check whether the template is a path or dust template, if it is a path, then $.get it, if it is a template, then just use it, same goes for the json, if it is a path do $.getJSON else use it as it is.

Here is my mustache implementation, as you can see, the regex only checks for single {{template}} and will not work if I have complex template, if it is troublesome to do a complex check, I will be just fetching all the templates from a file.

tmplReplaceContent : function(json, tmpl, target) {
    var regex = new RegExp("\{{[a-zA-Z\.\_]*\}}"),
    view = '';
    function setOutput(template) {
        var content = Mustache.render(template, view);
    function doJSON(json) {
        view = json;
            /* get mustache tmpl from the path */
            $.get(msi.vars.tmpl_url + tmpl + '.mustache', setOutput);
        } else {
    /* json -> check if object */
    if (typeof json === 'object') {
    } else {
        /* getJSON from the path */
        $.getJSON(msi.vars.base_url + json, doJSON);

Do you have anything in mind that is better than the implementation I thought? What are the downside of this implementation? Thanks!

EDIT : example of a tmpl as path :


or can be


for I have setup the implementation msi.vars.tmpl_url = base_url + 'public/templates/'

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So tmpl might be a URL? Can you post a sample? –  Blender Dec 23 '12 at 4:35
edit: Added example . :D –  Joey Hipolito Dec 23 '12 at 4:54
Why don't you just pass template and path as separate variables? –  Blender Dec 23 '12 at 5:19
what do you mean, ? –  Joey Hipolito Dec 23 '12 at 5:27
tmpl can be either a template or a path. Why don't you just make a separate variable for a path and check to see which one was defined? –  Blender Dec 23 '12 at 5:28

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