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Am trying to do a program which does the following: it takes a file's input: 10 characters, all CAPs, advances them all by 3 positions in the alphabet each, and those that go past the Z ascii code, then get 26 positions subtracted. Z->D, A->D, D->H, etc.

Code: character + 3 if (Code > 26) Code: Code - 26

My readByte function, which does precisely what it says: each line is well commented!

mov ecx, 0
mov edi, buffer  ; buffer is memory address of 1st char of file  


mov al, [edi]   ; move x's position content to al    
add al, 3       ; add 3 to al
cmp al, MAXHEX  ; compare with 'Z' 
jg dec          ; if al > 'Z', jump to dec
call putChar    ; if al < 'Z', print char
jmp nextByte    ; grab next character!

sub al, 26      ; decrement al by 26
call putChar    ; print char
jmp nextByte    ; grab next char


cmp ecx,[filesize] ; compare counter and filesize I had returned from readFile
jge terminar       ; if it has read all chars, end program
inc ecx        ; increment counter 
inc edi            ; advance to next file address position, so as to get next character
jmp readByte       ; go read the byte again

And this is the putChar macro, which was handed to us for the essay:

; putChar   - write a char to stdout (stdout)
;   Argument(or whatever you call it in assembly)
;      al: char to write
;   Return: has none
    push ebx
    push ecx
    push edx
    push eax    ; al has the ascii code to write
    mov ecx, esp  ; esp points to top of stack
    mov edx, 1  ; write a character
    mov  eax, SYS_WRITE  ; 4
    mov  ebx, 1   ; channel of screen ecran - stdout
    int LINUX_CALL
    pop eax
    pop edx
    pop ecx
    pop ebx

Basically, I can get the program to work perfectly, if I change

add al, 3       ; add 3 to al

To a different value. I have no clue what's wrong. Spent atleat a dozen hours on this one simple thing.

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"Z->D, A->D, D->H"? I think you meant "Z->C, A->D, D->G". Also jmp lerByte -- shouldn't that be jmp readByte? – Jim Garrison Dec 23 '12 at 6:51
Yeah, Z->D etc, Jim. :) I changed the lerByte to readByte so it was english and made more sense and forgot to change it down there, a fluke. I thought about that, the label being a system name, and tried random things such as "aushduiasbd" just to be sure! Posting putChar: – GigaBass Dec 23 '12 at 13:35
Would it be good for me to post the entire io.asm (the functions I use) and the code? So as to be easier to help? – GigaBass Dec 23 '12 at 13:42
I've already missed my delivery, couldn't correct whatever is wrong here. But I'm still dead curious what's wrong! Thanks! – GigaBass Dec 24 '12 at 22:53

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