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What conditions need to be met for an apk app exported from, say eclipse, to install from hard disk into Bluestacks?

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To install your own program's .APK

By your mention of "say eclipse" I am going to assume you are working in Eclipse. Just run the BlueStacks App Player and it will show up in your list of running devices.

Windows -> Show View -> Other -> Devices (or the list the automatically shows up at run)

Use run (or run with debugging) to deploy your .APK to BlueStacks. It's just like any other emulator, really.

To install any other .APK (not so much a programming question)

The most convenient way is to use the application HD-ApkHandler.exe the comes pre-installed in the BlueStacks folder.

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[google chrome: no formatting in comment?!] I get to show view, double click devices and a lower pane opens with a list of just one emulator 5554 which when expanded shows many lines of strange data: com.bluestacks.bstfolder com.bluestacks.home etc What do they mean? I have a hunch it is just the emulator that I have been using so far. a mention of bluestacks emulator. When I doubleclick the apk file in windows bluestacks takes over and tries to instal, it ends up with "install parse failed no certificates". Do I need to add some android specific data before running a test in eclipse? – secr Dec 24 '12 at 0:30
I guess this needs to be discussed on a more specific forum. – secr Aug 1 '13 at 22:50

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