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Lets say an author has many posts, and a post has many comments. How could you select all of the comments of a specific authors specific few posts?

Use case: I want every recent comment of an author's posts with the tag 'rails'

@author = Author.find(params[:author_id])
@posts = @author.posts.where(:tag => 'rails')


@comments = @posts.?????.where(:created_at.gte = 1.month.ago)
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There is no way to do this via @posts.?????

You should grab post ids and select comments

post_ids = @author.posts.where(:tag => 'rails').map(&:id)
# In rails >= 3.2.1 you can use pluck(:id) instead of map(&:id)

@comments = Comment.where(:post_id => post_ids, :created_at.gte = 1.month.ago)

upd: or

@posts = @author.posts.where(:tag => 'rails')
@comments = Comment.where(:post_id => @posts.map(&:id), :created_at.gte = 1.month.ago)
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Could you shorten it to: Comment.where(:post_id => @posts.map(&:id)) –  Hayk Saakian Dec 23 '12 at 7:58

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