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When a user places his mouse cursor over/near the outline of the Polygon, an anchor should appear and follow the position of the mouse, but snapping to the outline of the Polygon.

Problem: The anchor seems to flicker when the mousemove handler function updates the position of this anchor. What's causing the flickering and the slow update? The KineticJS example here appears to update pretty quickly.

Also, the anchor is not snapping to the outline/stroke of the Polygon. How can this effect be achieved?


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Your mousemove function is moving the anchor. Once the anchor is moved your mouse is no longer over the polyHitArea so your mouseleave event is firing and hiding the anchor.


The best way that I can think of off hand to prevent this from happening is to place the setVisible(false) code into a setTimeout call -- and have a mouseenter event on the mouseoverAnchor call clearTimeout.

var polyHitArea._timeout = 0;

polyHitArea.on('mouseover', function(e) {

polyHitArea.on('mouseleave', function(e) {
    polyHitArea._timeout = setTimeout(function(){
    }, 25); // 25 ms enough time?

mouseoverAnchor.on('mouseenter', function(e) {
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That makes a lot of sense! Is there a way to prevent the anchor from triggering the mouseleave event? I tried mouseout and get the same problem. – Nyxynyx Dec 23 '12 at 8:27
Thank Jason. I tried it out and the flickering stops, but the anchor does not follow the mouse position as I move the mouse along the edge of the square. The anchor only updates its position when the mouse exits the anchor, was hoping for an anchor that tracks the mouse position smoothly but constrained to the edge of the square. – Nyxynyx Dec 23 '12 at 16:54
Sounds like you are going to need to put your mousemove event on the canvas itself and perform all needed calculations there (entering bounds, leaving bounds, whether or not to display the anchor and at what location). – Jason Whitted Dec 23 '12 at 17:15

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