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I have a js file called reservations.js, in this file I have an array of reservations, like:

var reservations = [
  { "HotelId": "01", "HotelName": "SPA", "ReservNum": "0166977", "Guest Name": "Jonny", "Room": null, "Type": "SUIT", "Rooms": "1", "Board": "BB", "Status": "IH", "Pax": "2,0,0,0", "Arrival": "07/08/12", "Departure": "09/08/12", "AgentDesc": "FIT", "AgentCode": "FIT", "Group": null, "Balance": "0", "Requests": "", "Remarks": null, "Fit/Group": "FIT", "ReturnGuestName": "", "StatusColor": "LightCoral" },
  { "HotelId": "01", "HotelName": "SPA", "ReservNum": "H000192", "Guest Name": null, "Room": null, "Type": "Folio", "Rooms": "0", "Board": "", "Status": "IH", "Pax": "0,0,0,0", "Arrival": "07/08/12", "Departure": "10/09/12", "AgentDesc": "movies", "AgentCode": "001", "Group": null, "Balance": "0", "Requests": "", "Remarks": "", "Fit/Group": "FIT", "ReturnGuestName": "", "StatusColor": "LightCoral" }

What I need to do is to create a table(in html) with 6 colomns: Res. Number, Guest Name, Status, Arrival Date, Departure Date, Room Type. and insert the element from the array into the matching col in the table.

Example: ReservNum": "0166977", So the number 0166977 will be in the first col Res. Number.

My table is like this:

<table id="reservations">
                <th>Res. Number</th><th>Guest Name</th><th>Status</th><th>Arrival Date</th><th>Departure Date</th><th>Room Type</th>

I don't know what how to do it. I have try to do somthing like this in the js file:

$('#reservations tr').each(function (i) {

But it is not works.(maybe my html table is wrong or the js, or even both of them)

I'm new in js/jquery so i'm a little unsure what I'm doing. Thank You All!!!

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Something like below (Check the working demo):

var tbody = $('#reservations tbody'),
    props = ["ReservNum", "Guest Name", "Status", "Arrival", "Departure", "Type"];
$.each(reservations, function(i, reservation) {
  var tr = $('<tr>');
  $.each(props, function(i, prop) {
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In the demo it look good, but it's doesn't work in my project (I'm working on microsoft visual web developer 2010 express) – shlomi Dec 23 '12 at 9:52
This is my project: The js file is: The html is: But what I see on screen is this: Maybe i'm missing out somthing in here.. Thank you very much!! – shlomi Dec 23 '12 at 10:47
I have notice that the same thing is happen in the demo if I change it to javascript 1.7. maybe this is my problem. Do you have a solution for my question in js1.7? Thank you. – shlomi Dec 23 '12 at 12:18
OK I have managed, the problem was that I need this line in the begining of the js file: $(document).ready( function () – shlomi Dec 23 '12 at 17:37

I'm not sure if is this that you want but there is jqGrid. It can receive JSON and make a grid.

Or You can also use this simple project on Github : Json-To-HTML-Table

Or you can also make your own using jQuery will make this simpler.

The following will take an array of arrays and store convert them into rows and cells.

$.getJSON(url , function(data) {
    var tbl_body = "";
    $.each(data, function() {
        var tbl_row = "";
        $.each(this, function(k , v) {
            tbl_row += "<td>"+v+"</td>";
        tbl_body += "<tr>"+tbl_row+"</tr>";                 
    $("#target_table_id tbody").html(tbl_body);

You could add a check for the keys you want to exclude by adding something like

var expected_keys = { key_1 : true, key_2 : true, key_3 : false, key_4 : true };

at the start of the getJSON cbf and adding

if ( ( k in expected_keys ) && expected_keys[k] ) {

around the tbl_row += line.

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I suggest using jquery.tmpl method.


<script id="template-table" type="text/x-jquery-tmpl">
            <th>Res. Number</th><th>Guest Name</th><th>Status</th><th>${Arrival}</th><th>${Departure}</th><th>Room Type</th>

In JS:

var reservations = [...];
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Like this:

$('#reservations tr').each(function (i) {
   var td = $(this).find('td');
   td =;
   td.html(reservations[i]['Guest Name']);
   td =;
   td =;
   td =;
   td =;
   td =;
   td =;
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