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I'm a beginner to iOS programming, and I'm doing my first iOS app for the iPad as my internship project. I have searched the Internet but couldn't find anything (I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong keywords).

I want my iPad app to enable sending and receiving property list files to other ipads. I don't care which way, but I need it from the one iPad to another without the use of a computer in the middle. How can I do this is xcode?

Moreover, if I managed to do this, my application should do some editing before it adds the file to its documents directory (when it receives a file)..

Thank you in advance.

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the question is too broad IMO. You could use wifi with bonjour –  Daij-Djan Dec 23 '12 at 11:00
thank you ... I'll try that –  Cloud Dec 23 '12 at 14:27

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In general, you can do this via Wifi or Bluetooth.

For using Bluetooth, a quick search for "sending files via gamekit" reveals various libraries that wrap GameKit to make this easier.

If you want to use WiFi, you could either manually set up sockets and whatnot or use a library like MyNetwork. (It's been a while since I used it, but it has worked well for me in the past.)

Sending files via WiFi is usually harder to get working, but sending them via Bluetooth only works if the devices are near to each other.

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