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I'm trying to parse file names in specific deirectory. Filenames are of format:


I need to cut the tokens using delimiter '_', and need to take string except the last two tokens. In above examlpe output should be token1_token2_token3.

The number of tokens is not fixed. I've tried to do it with -f#- option of cut command, but did not find any solution. Any ideas?

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With cut:

$ echo | rev | cut -d_ -f3- | rev
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This works like a charm :D And yes as asked in the question it uses cut command. I will choose this answer. –  user613114 Dec 23 '12 at 15:56
Answered my question… too. Thanks –  Archit Jain Jul 14 '13 at 21:40

It can not be done with cut, How ever you can use sed or awk

sed -r 's/(_[^_]+){2}$//g'
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You may use POSIX defined parameter substitution:

$ name=""
$ name=${name%_*_*}
$ echo $name
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Just a different way to write ysth's answer

echo "" |rev| cut -d"_" -f1,2 --complement | rev

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