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I have 2 XML files, the first one contains meteorological measures and the second one locations data :


<measure latitude="45.90298482482" longitude="8.92092094">
<measure latitude="45.29848284" longitude="8.72474724">


<location latlng="45.9029,8.9209">
    <address>8, Denver Road</address>
<location latlng="45.2984,8.7247">
    <address>3, New Avenue</address>

So what I want to do is the following : store all the latlngs of a given place, then try to get the measures corresponding to it by using substrings. Here is what I tried, but keeps returning 0 :

for $l in //location
where $l/place/string() = 'Goodcity'
let $test := $l/@latlng/string() 
for $m in //measure
where concat(substring($m/@latitude/string(),0,8),',',substring($m/@longitude/string(),0,7)) = $test
return $m

Any idea?

EDIT : the problem doesn't come from the fact I use susbtring(lat,0,8) and substring(long,0,7), I know my locations file and these will always return numbers with 4 decimals.

EDIT 2 : finally it works, though my request is really long, do you think there is a way to simplify it?

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You need to improve the quality of your questions: 1. Both of the "XML files" contain non-well-formed XML documents. 2. Your code isn't indented and is difficult to read. 3. You have an obvious error in using the substring() function. XPath is 1-based, not 0-based. 4. Nowhere have you provided the exact wanted result. Please, edit the question and improve. –  Dimitre Novatchev Dec 23 '12 at 15:33

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If there are two separate XML documents then I would expect to see something like

for $l in doc('location.xml')//location...

for $m in doc('measures.xml')//measure...

Your comparison using substring() seems very error-prone. Why is 45.90298482482 rounded to 45.9029 and not to 45.9030? But I guess you know your own data better than we do.

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