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I am just starting out with raphael js and I am kinda stuck here:

I don't want the mouseover event to be active on the text label as it is causing the text to disappear/appear randomly. This question has already been asked and the suggested solution was to use sets.

I have tried using sets but it doesn't solve my problem. Please help me out! thanks!

This is how I am creating the sets:

var group = paper.set();    

This is the mouseout function:

group.mouseout(function() {

        opacity: 0
    }, 250, 'linear');

        path: "M 5 250 l 200 25 l 200 -25 l 0 50 l -200 25 l -200 -25 z",
        fill: '#000'
    }, 500, 'linear');  

        fill: '#fff'
    }, 500, 'linear');
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  1. Remove all shapes that should not trigger the animation from the group (only chevron should be retained).
  2. Apply stop() before triggering new animation calls.

See the updated demo.

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