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I've created CombinedDomainXYPlot and added a bunch of XYPlots there.

Everything seems to be working as expected except vertical panning (move chart using mouse along with Y axis). Domain panning (along X axis) works fine.

I've set both

  1. combinedPlot.setDomainPannable(true);
  2. combinedPlot.setRangePannable(true);

and also called setMouseWheelEnabled(true) on instance of ChartPanel;

Does anybody know if the range panning works at all? And if yes, could you please give some example how to turn it on properly?

Just in case - running under JFreeChart 1.0.14, JDK 6, MacOS 10.8.

Thanks, Val

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I get the same result using this example. It's not documented explicitly, but it makes sense. Empirically, only the combined (shared) axis supports panning, even if the subplots would otherwise support panning on the orthogonal (independent) axis:

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Thanks, now it is much more clear. I hope, someday, both at the same time will be supported for the combined plot.. –  Val Dec 24 '12 at 0:10

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