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i want to extract an .rar Archive in perl to a specified path. i tryed this:

my $archive= 'text.rar';
my $directory = 'photos';
my $rar = Archive::Rar->new( -archive => $archive );
$rar->Extract(-to => $directory);

but that didnt worked out, it always extracts it into my root folder...

is there any comand to tell Archive::Rar an other directory?

Thanks in advance!

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Doesn't seem to be any such documented option. You can always try to just chdir $directory before extracting. It's not quite pretty, but "should" work. –  TLP Dec 23 '12 at 14:43
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As it turns out, there is an un-documented option:

my $rar = Archive::Rar->new( -archive => $archive, -initial => $directory);

will do just that.

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